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Mobile Equipment Software

What Is Mobile Equipment Software?

At the heart of effective health and safety regimes, identification and management of risk together with accident prevention is the key management issue. That is why process, equipment and personnel inspections are mission critical in minimising danger in the workplace.

However, the complexity, volume and diversity of these inspections can mean that they are often inefficient as well as time consuming.

The advent of mobile inspection software has revolutionised the way health and safety management implement and control their inspection programme lifting equipment register. Mobile devices like smart phones and tablet PCs can now run mobile inspection software which streamlines a manual process using inspection management software.

lifting equipment softwareThis software enables users to record inspections and communicate remedial messages to other stakeholders so they can act on hazards immediately.

Mobile inspection report software is a powerful means of improving and simplifying an organization’s inspection process. Instant accessibility to your organisation’s inspection records via typing, touch commands, video, voice or photo. In addition, reports can be emailed to relevant managers for action or alerts for overdue or impending inspections.

Typical applications include fire alarm, fire extinguisher, fire sprinkler and fire damage inspections plus health and safety, home, building, field and commercial building inspections.

OnsiteForm Lifting Equipment Inspection Software

OnSiteForm is LOLER inspection and examination software application which manages the efficient recording of LOLER testing, lifting gear inspections as well as other types of examination as well.

LOLER Inspection SoftwareOnSiteForm has been developed as a dedicated LOLER lifting gear inspection software system, which does what is required with minimal effort using contemporary software technology. This results in an app that provides very efficient collection of data collection with reporting functions that make it easier to conduct inspections saving a great deal of time and effort.

The software is highly adaptable and can incorporate inspection and recording processes based on an organisation’s existing conventions or we can produce a bespoke template for specific requirements – all within the requirements of the LOLER regs.

LOLER Inspection Software

OnSiteForm users access their data through our online portal using desktop, laptop or tablet PC or smartphone internet access where every aspect of your operating locations, users, lifting assets and inspection routines are recorded.

Your data is uploaded into the OnSiteForm inspection database enabling further analyses to conducted as required. Furthermore, your data is available in real time for access by authorised users to review the current inspection state of your lifting gear assets.

Certificates which provide details of LOLER inspection and testing history can be printed off the system as required by users at any time of day or night. Other complementary data can also be uploaded along site individual assets in the register in addition to historical inspection records. Data can be provided immediately from the system in PDF report form or exported into other applications like MS Excel.

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